Feusd is an exciting Scottish startup, which aspires to be Europe's leading supplier of membership software within the next five years.

Our underlying motivation is to encourage people to thrive by helping them to connect and do more within their communities.

"Feusd" is a Scottish Gaelic word meaning "feast", a traditional gathering at the heart of a community, and a symbol of the software we provide to you.


  • Tom Inglis

    Tom is the Founder and Managing Director. He oversees strategy, finance, product development, marketing, and recruitment.


  • Tony Milne

    Tony is the Lead Developer for the web platform. He ensures that the code is elegantly written and automatically tested.

  • Andrew Pollok

    Andrew is the Scrum Master for the development team. He proves that the code performs and scales well in production.

  • Andrew Smith

    Andrew is the Lead Developer of the mobile and tablet platform. He maintains a flexible cross platform solution.

User Experience:

  • Hsu Hlaing

    Hsu is the Lead User Experience Designer. She works to ensure ease of use across web, mobile and tablet interfaces.


  • Evangelia Koleli

    Evangelia is the Lead Researcher. She analyses the data created by the application and uses it produce valuable intelligence.


  • Owen Woolcock

    Owen is the Lead Business Development Executive. He researches the market and develops relationships with clients.

We have the following vacancies at the moment:

  • Junior Marketing Executive

    We're looking for Junior Marketing Executives to help develop our relationships with potential customers and partners in the UK and wider European markets.

  • Junior Ruby Developer

    We're looking for Junior Ruby Developers to help develop our test-driven Rails application and scalable hosting infrastructure.

We're keen to share our success with partners, so please get in touch if you're interested in promoting, integrating, or funding Feusd.

  • Promotion

    We would love to hear from anyone interested in promoting Feusd to potential customers in exchange for a commission fee.

  • Integration

    We would love to hear from anyone interested in integrating Feusd with their own software solutions.

  • Funding

    We would love to hear from anyone with experience in nurturing and funding high growth software companies..

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